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AT&T is your best shot in times where everything is practically driven by the Internet. It offers packages and services accordingly – to meet our everyday requirements. AT&T collaborates with DirecTV to offer the best of TV channels as well.

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AT&T Specialties

AT&T surely has something exceptional that services don’t. This is what makes it the choice for so many households in the USA.

AT&T Bundles ft. DirecTV

AT&T provides the internet, and DirecTV provides TV services. Both of them together introduce the best Internet and TV bundles for you!

AT&T Internet

It starts from


per month

Speeds ranging from 100 to 940 Mbps
Supports as many as 14 devices
No Contract offers

AT&T Double Play

The package starts


per month

Includes DirecTV Entertainment Package
Inclusive of AT&T Internet 100 Package
AT&T WiFi Hotspot Network

AT&T Triple Play

Package starting from


per month

Includes DirecTV Entertainment
Includes AT&T Internet 100
Inclusive of Phone Services

The Best of AT&T

Fiber Optic Technology

AT&T is the fastest emerging ISP in terms of Fiber-optic network

Fast Internet Speed

Internet speeds can go as high as 1000 Mbps without any disconnections

Wireless Networking

Wireless Home Networking is an exceptionally great feature of AT&T

Reliable Services

Being one of the oldest ISPs, AT&T can be relied upon in terms of quality and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to the Most Asked and Reported Questions

Can I subscribe to AT&T Internet Only Package?

Yes, you can subscribe to the AT&T internet-only packages starting from $35.00/ month.

Does AT&T offer fast internet speeds?

AT&T provides very high internet speeds, up to 1000 Mbps. The fiber-optic network ensures the same upload and download speeds.

Is there any contract system for the AT&T and DirecTV services?

For some packages and deals, AT&T and DirecTV offer contract-free services, while for others, there is a contract period.

How can I contact AT&T Customer Support Services?

You can reach out to AT&T 24/7 at their customer support number +1-800-370-0251.

What is the best AT&T Internet package?

The most widely used AT&T internet packages are AT&T Internet 100. It offers very fast internet speeds for only $35.00/ month.

Does AT&T offer Fiber-optic Services?

AT&T is growing rapidly in the area of fiber-optic services. Although the services are confined to a limited area as of now, they are expected to expand very soon in the future.

What is AT&T Smart Home Manager?

AT&T smart home manager allows you to manage everything such as your login credentials, password, number of devices, etc.

How does AT&T provide TV services?

AT&T provides TV services in collaboration with DirecTV. Both of them together ensures immense entertainment.

Why should I choose AT&T internet services?

AT&T offers the best internet services at the minimum possible rates. Moreover, it ensures uninterrupted internet services without any outages.

Can I bundle phone services with AT&T internet and DirecTV?

You can bundle all three services in one to have more customized and economical options.