Spectrum Internet

#1 Internet and TV Services Provider in the USA

Spectrum is the most extensive Internet, TV, and Phone Service Providers covering more than 44 states in the USA. It offers uninterrupted internet services at minimum possible rates. The Spectrum Internet packages start from as low as $49.99 per month.

Wondering What Are We Offering?

We offer the best Internet, Cable TV, and Phone services for households and businesses.


Spectrum Bundles for You

Spectrum Internet bundles with its best Cable TV and Phone Services to offer more economical and consumer-friendly options.

Spectrum Internet

Packages starting from


per month

Internet Speeds up to 940 Mbps
Inclusive of the Security Suite
Free WiFi Modem or Router

Spectrum Double Play

Package starting from


per month

Inclusive of Internet and Cable TV
125+ channels including Premium Channels
Free Modem & Security Suite

Spectrum Triple Play

Package starting from


per month

Inclusive of Internet, TV, and Phone
175+ Channels including Premium Channels
Unlimited Phone Calls with 28 Calling Features

Services that We Offer

Spectrum offers a complete package in the form of a blend of three services bundled in one.

Spectrum Internet

Browse or Stream anything on high-speed internet that goes up to 940 Mbps.

Spectrum Cable TV

More than 200 channels are just a click away with Spectrum Cable TV Services.

Spectrum Phone

Enjoy an Unlimited Calling within the USA at minimum rates.

Spectrum Business

Get a customized plan to complement your Business Ideology today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to the Most Asked and Reported Questions

Can I subscribe to Spectrum Internet Only?

Yes, you can subscribe to the Spectrum internet-only package that starts from $49.99/ month.

Does Spectrum offer fast internet speeds?

Spectrum provides very high speeds, up to 940 Mbps.

Can you have Spectrum Cable services?

You can definitely have the spectrum cable services in conjunction with Internet packages. The Internet and TV bundle costs you around $89.98 per month.

Is WiFi Available in Spectrum Services?

Spectrum has a WiFi router for the appropriate internet connection.

Does Spectrum Cable packages offer TV channels?

The Spectrum basic packages involve more than 125 channels in different categories such as News, Sports, and Health.

Does Spectrum increase its prices annually or monthly?

Spectrum increases its prices up to 20% after the 12-month introductory period.

Can I self-install Spectrum Internet Services?

You can install the services by yourself simply by following the procedure as mentioned in the self-installation kit. It is quite a seamless process.

Does Spectrum work on a Contract basis?

Spectrum does not work on a contract basis; you can easily pay your bills after every month.

Does Spectrum charges a penalty fee for overuse of the Internet?

No, there is no penalty fee for spectrum internet. This is because Spectrum does not impose any data caps or data limits.

Is there an early termination fee in case of Spectrum service disconnection?

No, since there is no contract, there is no disconnection or service termination fee. You can call off the services anytime without any contracts.